Process for manufacturing and use of brines that eliminates the anisakiosis risk

Summary of the technology

A Spanish research group from the Microbiology and Parasitology Department of Alcalá University has developed a process of manufacture and use of brines that eliminate the anisakiosis risk. These brines contains concentrations equal or superior to 10% of acetic acid, food additive E-260 instead of commercial vinegars, all of them with smaller degrees of acidity able to kill the 100% of the Anisakis sp. larvae. The group is looking for manufacturing agreements.

New and innovative aspects

The use of these brines in the manufacture of fresh anchovies, following traditional recipes of anchovies in vinegar and with the purpose of removing sanitary risk originated by the consumption of this food.

Main advantages of its use

The use of these new brines in pickled fresh anchovies is a great advantage in comparison with traditional methods for the manufacture of anchovies in vinegar, because 100% of this type of infections and its indirect effect can be avoided. The manufacture of these brines can be done as homemade and as industrial level, as well as its use in the processing of the pickled anchovies.


This technology shows the manufacture of new brines that finish with the vitality and infectious power of the Anisakis sp. Larvae. This is a parasite located in the musculature of the most consumed fishes, and which is able to introduce itself in the human gastrointestinal tract mucus, originating a painful granulome and a high number of allergic reactions.

The process is the following one:

1º.- The brine is prepared (12% of NaCl and 10% of acetic acid food quality in normal water)

2º.- The filets of fresh anchovy are prepared, following the traditional methods of manufacture vinegar anchovies

3º.- Then the marinade process starts. In order to ensure the success and the death of the 100% of the larvae, all the fish must be perfectly submerged in the brine, so fillets have to be organized in layers inside a flat container. When a layer is finished, a brine layer has to be added in order to cover the filets totally.

4º.- Then a temperature of 4ºC have to be kept during at least 5 days. After that time, the filets have to be taking out of brine and strained, and they will be ready to be use according to traditional recipes of anchovies in vinegar (garlic, parsley and olive oil), or washed after strained with water or with brines without acid and with different salt concentrations to correct the degree of salinity and acidity of the anchovy. This have to be done until the whished flavor is reached.


  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Food sector with an important repercussion in public health, because this supposes the elimination of an important infectious process with large number of indirect effect as the anisakiosis ones. 

Related Keywords

  • Food Microbiology / Toxicology / Quality Control
  • Detection and Analysis methods
  • Safe production methods
  • Food Technology
  • Fish, Shellfish and Molluscs
  • Health food
  • Food and feed ingredients
  • Fish health
  • fish quality
  • nourishing security
  • Microbiology
  • parasitology

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