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Nudge Along: A software model for driving change in customer behaviour

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Summary of the technology

Nudge Along identifies trends in customer behaviour and drives personalised messages (e.g. text, email or in-app messages) created for the user using a recommendation engine.

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Description of the technology

Nudge Along identifies trends in customer behaviour and drives personalised messages (e.g. text, email or in-app messages) created for the user using a recommendation engine. Each personalised message is precisely chosen based on the success of previous messages to customers with similar characteristics. The process uses a recommendation engine based on a Case Based Reasoning (CBR) methodology.


The recommendation engine is trained to take into account customer usage profiles, relevant external data sources (e.g. typical weather conditions), any past communications that customer has previously had with the system and the outcome of all prior communications. The recommendation engine monitors the outcome of the messages despatched, including no action, and feeds this information back into its database in order to improve future recommendations. Providing analytics-driven insight does not guarantee that people will take note of it and change their behaviour. For example, did a customer identified as a churn risk respond to the proposed intervention? Measuring the success of any analytics project requires looking beyond the insights and into ways of communicating and delivering the insights to ensure that behavioural change takes place. Nudge Along is designed to ensure that analytics insights can actually impact the behaviour of a customer or user.

Main advantages of its use

Nudge Along has a number of advantages over and above existing recommendation engines:

 • Impactful Communications – Nudge Along delivers tailored communications aimed at similar market segments based on the success of prior campaigns. This ensures that the most impactful message is sent to the customer every time.

• Database Optimisation – the recommendation engine monitors the outcome of each marketing communication and feeds this information back into the prospect database. This enables companies to improve their quality of information and better shape the content of future messaging.

• Universally Applicable – the software is non industry specific and can benefit any type of data-centric organisation that is seeking to optimise its marketing communications.

• Demand Forecasting – through the refinement and optimisation of its marketing communications, an organisation can more accurately predict expected campaign outcomes.


Nudge Along can be used by any company in any business sector that wants to create actionable impact from customer data. To operate effectively, the system requires access to multiple customer touch points across a reasonably large customer set so it can constantly compare customer profiles. Nudge Along is based on a process of User Monitoring-toPersonalised Incentive -to-Personalised Communications Strategy. The software demonstrator may be used as a stand-alone application to generate recommendations on communications or can be embedded as a back-end decision-making tool in a fully automated customer communications system.

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