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Knowhow - Spectral Method for Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis

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Summary of the technology

Knowhow - Spectral Method for Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis
Project ID : 10-2007-1900

Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University

Description of the technology

Available Knowhow

Spectral method results in efficient algorithm for faster results


Computer vision, Artificial intelligence, Sensor and data systems

Development Stage

Proof of concept


Available Knowhow


Algorithm has applications in financial forecasting, gene selection, sensor networks, resource allocation, machine learning and pattern recognition


  • Solution for the fast, efficient analysis of large quantities of data to identify the most relevant information for further analysis to provide specific information sought

  • Has been used in face recognition and analysis of gene expression data.

Our Innovation

Efficient, near-optimal greedy algorithm for sparse LDA analysis using a discrete spectral formulation based on variational eigenvalue bounds.

Key Features

  • Yields better than state-of-the-art performance on sparse PCA benchmarks used in the statistics community

  • Variational spectral method for finding optimal solutions using branch-and-bound search

  • Algorithm has been fruitfully applied to various real-world computer vision and machine learning tasks

The Opportunity

Applications in a wide variety of situations where relevant data must be identified from large amounts of inputs in order to provide a relevant analysis, such as stock market analysis, portfolio optimization, bankruptcy prediction, computer vision, face recognition, gene selection, analyzing consumer buying habits

Project manager

Tamir Huberman
VP Business Dev. Computer Science & IT Director

Project researchers

Yair Weiss
HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering
CS - Computer Vision

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