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Capsules for Controlled Release of Plant Pathogens, Fertilizers, or Micro Organisms as Biological Control for Plant Pathogens

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Summary of the technology

Nussinovitch Amos – Capsules For Controlled Release Of Plant Pathogens, Fertilizers, Or Micro Organisms As Biological Control For Plant Pathogens (TTM 802) - Prof. Nussinovitch developed hydrocolloid biodegradable carriers enabling slow release of fertilizers or micro organisms which can promote nitrogen fixation, growth promotion, or act as biological control agents against plant pathogens. http://www.yissum.co.il/technologies/project/802

Project ID : 8-2006-802

Yissum - Research Development Company of the Hebrew University

Description of the technology

Dried cellular hydrocolloid carriers for biological control of pathogens


  • There is a need for a method to protect live biological control agents that have been deposited on the ground or sprayed on plants against UV radiation
  • Viable micro organisms are entrapped in dried solid hydrocolloid carriers
  • The hydrocolloid beads are porous, allowing release of products derived from micro organisms to control plant pathogens or of the micro organisms themselves
  • Enables effective, sustained release in field conditions of biological control agents against plant pathogens, fertilizers, micro organisms for nitrogen fixation or increased growth response

Our Innovation

Gel beads are freeze-dried to produce and enhance a porous structure. The result is a low-density dried cellular product composed of many fused open and closed cells. Exposure to moisture allows the controlled release or extended release of the micro organisms and other substrates, substances and/or products that are contained within the carrier from the matrix.

Key Features

  • The dried beads preserve the viability of bacteria or fungi which act against, or produce substances which act against, plant pathogens.
  • The hydrocolloidal structure protects the micro organisms from UV radiation.
  • Endows the product with extended shelf-life
  • Development Milestones
  • Further research will be focus on adaptation for additional micro organisms and biotechnological applications, such as continuous fermentation

The Opportunity

  • Biological pesticides accounted for a significant part of the plants protection market. It is estimated that the global plants protection market will grow

SEM of typical freeze-dried alginate bead walls.
Panel A: Control (dry bead without bacteria).
Panel B: Dry bead.
Panel C: Dry bead with glycerol.
Panel D: Dry bead with bentonite and glycerol.
Panel E: Dry bead with chitin and glycerol.
Panel F: Dry bead with kaolin and glycerol.

Project manager

Ilya Pittel

Project researchers

Ilan Chet
HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences
Plant Pathology and Microbiology

Amos Nussinovitch
HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences
Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition

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