Panel meters and isolated signal converters for process automation in industry

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Summary of the technology

Clean interface, easy to use, special functions for special applications, atractive pricing. Modular system allows for a limited stock of units that can be interchanged easily to provide a wide range of references that can be provided to the customer with a low number of modules. Several different input modules, output modules and power modules.

Description of the tech for sale

Panel meters for all type of sensors. Voltmeter and ammeters AC and DC, for frequency, process, temperature, impulse counters, ratemeters and periodmeters, chronometers and time counters. With up to 6 relay, analog outputs, Modbus RTU, ... with 4, 5 or 6 digits from 10 to 14mm and 20mm digit size. housings starting at 24x48mm, 72x36mm and 96x48mm.


Industrial instruments, CE marked, wide range, excellent thermal drift and accuracy. Specific technical specifications for each type of instrument : impulse counters with up to 250KHz frequency range, ratemeters with a special low frequency detection system, process meters with low thermal drift and auto zero control, ...

Main advantages of its use

  • Fast delivery times (24/48 hours)Export company from 1969 with experience in delivering materials to technically demanding markets such as USA, Germany, France, ...


  • Industrial process automation

Related keywords

  • Process Plant Engineering
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  • time counter
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  • ...

About Me

Scientist from Spain

At FEMA ELECTRONICA we are specialized in analog signal acquisition and signal isolation. From this know-how, we create panel meters and isolated signal converters. Exports 60% of its manufacturing to USA, GErmany, France, ... We do adapt our meters and converters to special applications under customer request.

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