FORMTEXT Room temperature activation foam-in-place polymeric system...

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Desired outcome

FORMTEXT 1 or 2 component formulation that meets the following criteria and standards:

Expansion minimum 300%
Ability to protect substrates (carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, composites) from corrosion
Elastomeric foam
Exotherm not to exceed 150°C
Adhesion on unprepared surface
No sensitizing ingredients (no isocynates for example), HMIS rating 2 or less for each category
Life time: 10 years for a non exterior exposure...

Details of the Technology Call

FORMTEXT The material is intended to be dispensed into cavities and enclosures and subsequently foam inside the cavity. The intended function of the product would typically be to close the intentior of a cavity (the cross-section of a tube for example) for the purpose of water sealing or noise blocking. The material must be have a visocity low enough to flow into the cavity but should have some thixotropic nature so that it does not flow out of the cavity before or during foaming. The foaming should occur relatively rapidly. The foaming and polymerization should take no more than 30 minutes, but faster would be preferable, with 1-2 minutes being a target. The type of dispensing equipment is not fixed and would be defined by those proposing the foaming system. It necessary that whatever dispensing equipment is necessary that the dispensing equipment be commercially available. The cost for the constituents to create the foam should not exceed $5.00/kilogram. The system should produced on commercially available industrial equipment. The proposed material must be safe to handle in an industrial setting with minimal personal protection equipment (latex gloves and safety glasses only). The constituents should contain no known sensitizing ingredients, cacinogens, or other ingredients that promote chronic health problems.The material must be moisture resistant and not dissolve or degrade significantly as a result of repeated moisture exposure.

Technical requirements


Commercial requirements

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Legal requirements

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Other requirements

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Possible solution areas

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Previously attempted solutions (discarded)

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Related Keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Biological Sciences
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  • Genetic Engineering / Molecular Biology
  • Industrial Products
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  • room temperature
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