Seeking to Replace wooden packaging box for Glass manufacturing industries.

Desired outcome

Boxes to transport glass of various sizes which can be assembled at site. These boxes should have sufficient caution pads which absorbs shocks during transportation. Design should be such that it should take 2.5 ton vertical load. Weight of glass is 550 Kg. Boxes are lifted with crane vertically hence should have arrangement to fix crane ropes/chains/slings. Box should be one time use only. Design should be such that after dismantling it cannot be reused.

Details of the Technology Call

In glass industries, glass is transported through wooden boxes. During transportation & handling they face breakage of product & incurred losses. To minimize these losses & also establish eco friendly image within competitors, we intend to replace these wooden boxes with Plastic material or any such solution. Box sizes varies from 6’X 4’X 6inch.

Technical requirements

  • Price should be less then Wooden box. Vertical lifting capacity of 2.5 Ton Can be assembled at site.Only one time used. Should not get assembled after disassembled.

Possible solution areas

  • Box material can be plastic or any other material which will be cheaper then wood.

Related Keywords

  • Packaging for materials
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