Ultrasonic material to remove foam ...

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Desired outcome

Remove foam from process tank of degreasing

Details of the Technology Call

Degreasing line with introduce NaOH + aditives+Water and with high speed of rolls its make a stirring between diferents elements and produce foam that it is necessary to reduce...

Technical requirements

  • Ultrasound Power supplier > 2 kW. Ultrasound transducer easy to assembly process tank Enviromental with high temperature (85 ºC) and high electrical conductivity and corrosion liquid

Commercial requirements

  • Commercial application...

Possible solution areas

  • foam elimination in processes of fermentation and bottling of drinks...

Previously attempted solutions (discarded)

  • Chemical solution with defoaming agent, there is reduction but not removing...

Related Keywords

  • ultrasound / foam elimination at process...

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