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Desired outcome

We are interested in finding innovative solutions to service the laundry care catergory internationally covering USA, Australia, NZ , EU, Middle East and Scandinavia. We are interested in emerging and new chemicals that can fit this requirment. New surfactants, enzymes , fragrances, new actives and formulations which deliver new / exisiting benefits and features are of importance. As we are an innovative company, we would be most interested in new innovative solutions/formats for the laundry care category particularly powder and liquid gel based system.

Details of the Technology Call

The majority of stain removal powder additives are based on Sodium Percarbonate and TAED activator systems. We would be very interested to explore other activator systems especially types that perform at low temperatures 40 degrees and below. We would also be very interested to investigate new surfactant/enzymatic systems that also operate and work at low temperatures particularly 40 degrees and lower. The importance of fragrance stability in these types of formulations is very important. To date the creativity has been limited by the harsh environments created by the chemicals involved. We would be particularly interested in systems that give good stability in paper sachets. The hygroscopic nature of these formulations are very high and lead to reduction in performance and poor aesthetic properties in the form of lumps and solid lumps. Reliance on packaging increases cost so we would be very interested to explore any systems which can overcome this problem.Chemical protection in the form of hydrophobic silicas is a current aid but is not totally 100% reliable.

Liquids are also of interest, particularly those based on hydrogen peroxide. Stability here is of utmost importance of the both the formulation and fragrance. Viscosity of gels is a key physical parameter which we require for optimum application and usage for efficient use by the consumer. Alternative systems based on surfactants and enzymes would be of great interest as would be any other proposals. The peroxide types of formulations are very efficient but cannot be used in triggers safety. Spraying these formulations are dangerous if they come in contact with eyes. Alternative effective formulations which are safe to spray and give similar performance be it in aerosols or triggers would be of interest to the company.

Stain removals devices to assist the consumer gives a more complete solution. A physical action and a chemical action works best to remove even stubborn stains. We would be interested see any proposals that combine these two routes.

The cleaning of whites and stain removal of white garments is an important area for us . Effective OBAs and anti soil redeposition agents are of interest.

Any solutions must comply with international regulations/labelling etc. CLP is the preferred labelling for the EU. All formulations must be non toxic and be suitable for consumer use. Low level allergens is a requirement for any fragrance that may be selected and used. Performance for stain removal must include all the major stain groups oily, protein, bleachable, and perform on all fabrics particularly cotton, polycotton, polyester and nylon.

We would expect the technology supply company to produce a full technical dossier that can be seamlessly feed into a manufacturing environment. The project would consist of a 6th month duration with a launch into the market place within 12 months. The dossier would contain: TDS and MSDS of all the ingredients, manufacturing procedures, final MSDS of the finished product, full Quality plan including key QC tests, Stability test results, performance results, competitor benchmarking, application test results, industrial trials, source packaging, claim support documentation. We may request a 3rd party corroboration of claims. The technology must be a step change with a break through innovation that is acceptable and suitable for international markets.

The company must have a fully equipped laboratory with suitable trained and qualified staff. English is the preferred language for communication . All reports must be in English. French can be used in certain circumstances. A track record in innovation in laundry care would be a distinct advantage. A senior member of staff would be required to handle our account. A fully equipped laboratory is required to test all aspects of the product including physical parameters, performance, spectrophotometers, stability, viscosity etc.

Technical requirements

  • A confirmed quotation in Euro preferably is required. The manufacturing process must be validated for large scale manufacture min 1000kgs.
  • A detailed work plan would be agreed with agreed timelines.
  • A full brief would be submitted to the successful candidate and a quotation would be submitted by them.
  • Back up scenarios may also be required to make sure the critical path schedule is respected. These back ups will have the same level of detail as the primary formulations.Timelines for the delivery of our projects are critical for our business.
  • Detailed costing are required for all ingredients complete with sources of supply.
  • Preferable industrial trialling is required with the manufacture and the samples produced from this manufacture are used for stability testing.

Possible solution areas

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