Seeking for a technology or raw materials that make fibers, (for instance hair), become waterproof.

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Desired outcome

Fibers usually are damaged and/or modified by water and humidity, we want to protect them of a shape change, by repeling wàter, in order to preserve their properties.

We are looking for a Raw Material that can be mixed with other materials during a production process or for a finished product ready to be used as such. Ideally, a Raw Material supplier has a chemical compound of these properties to offer. If not, we will also be open to 1) get a license agreement, 2) acquire the product technology and/or 3) initiate a Joint Development.

Details of the Technology Call

It should repel water or make a fiber become waterproof.
It should be soluble in an aqueous system preferibly, or, otherwise, in an anhidrous system.
It should be safe for use in contact with human skin.

Technical requirements

  • The material should protect and/or isolate fibers from water and humidity.

Commercial requirements

  • The chemical compound should be made in industrial scale, and have a reasonable cost so that it does not add a big cost to the finished product.

Legal requirements

  • The material should ideally not be legally forbidden in any country; otherwise, should be legally in the European Union.

Other requirements

  • The chemical composition must be safe for use in contact with human skin.

Possible solution areas

  • Solutions may come from textile, gas, automotive, cosmetics, health industry, confectionery, food industry…

Previously attempted solutions (discarded)

  • VP/DMAPA Acrylates Copolymer and Polyquaternium-55: both products work for humidity but not under water conditions.

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