Compact image projection-display technologies and systems able to incorporate augmented reality

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Desired outcome

This company is seeking new, compact technologies, components or entire systems able to be used in image projection applications. Proposals should be capable of incorporating augmented reality and project an image with a Virtual Image Distance exceeding 10 meters.

Solutions could be individual components or a full system based on existing technology or a new image generating and projection technology.

Details of the Technology Call

Heads Up Display (HUD) technology projects a virtual image on to a car's windshield or windscreen, giving the driver real-time information on driving speed and other data. The key components of the HUD system include an optical engine to generate the image, a projection screen, lenses and an aperture opening in the dashboard. The combined effect of the optical system is to create an image "past" the windscreen so it appears someway in front of the vehicle. Currently this Virtual Image Distance is approximately 2 meters.

Future trends indicate that augmented reality (AR) will be a standard component of HUD technology. AR could typically include real time driving directions, improved vision in poor driving conditions, more effective warning signals of obstacles. For maximum driver comfort and for AR to be effective, the Virtual Image Distance should be greater than 10 meters.

Given the VID challenge, the image additionally should not be small. A Field of View meeting or exceeding 15 degrees x 7.5 degrees is sought.

In order to generate the desired image, a large optical pathway is necessary which makes the existing equipment bulky. Increasing the VID requires an increase in the optical pathway of the generated image, which increases the size of the total HUD system beneath an already crowded dashboard. The volume of the HUD components beneath the dashboard is called the construction space. If a total system is being proposed, it should fit within a construction space of 7 liters.

The company is also interested in receiving information on components which can make the traditional HUD system smaller.

Ideal Requirements:

o Image resolution > 900 x 450 Pixels (operating with Field of View 15 degrees x 7.5 degrees)
o Luminance, measured at eye >10,000 cd/m2
o Contrast, virtual image on black background > 500:1
o Straylight: no straylight or ghost images inside and outside eyebox
o Colour: RGB
o Construction space: 7 liters

Field Of Use and Intended Application
New HUD systems in vehicles and passenger cars

Desired Outcome
This company would like a compact image projecting system, either using familiar HUD components or a new image generating technology which meets the following criteria:

o Virtual Image Distance > 10m
o Construction space less than or equal to 7 liters
o Field of View > 15 degrees x 7.5 degrees

Previously Attempted Solutions
The company is not interested in 3D goggles, near to eye display or other headwear. The driving experience must replicate what is currently familiar.

Possible solution areas:

o changing the optical path
o repositioning hardware to the vehicle roof
o mobile phone display technologies
o LED, LCD technologies
o scanning laser technologies
o windscreen/windshield film or coating technology
o holograph technology
o technology embedded into the windscreen/windshield

Related Keywords

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