Seeking alternative preservation systems and processing-filling-pack technologies to enable stable and safe manufacturing and use of cosmetics products containing low (or no) chemical preservation systems.

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Desired outcome

We are looking for alternative preservation systems and processing-filling-pack technologies that enable the industrial manufacturing of structured cosmetic products (e.g. creams, lotions, shampoos, soaps) which will be sensorically and microbially stable over their intended shelflife (typically 3 years) at lowered (or zero) levels of the classical preservative systems (e.g. phenoxy ethanol).

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Details of the Innovation Need

Expected preservation solutions could focus on alternative preservation systems, hurdle approaches and "preservative boosters". The processing solutions may concern ingredients, the compounded bulk or the product in its final packaging. Filling and packing solutions may range from hotfilling to fully aseptic solutions, where adjusting standard filling processes by implementing dedicated equipment to support handling would also be in scope. Solutions need to be implementable at least at small manufacturing scale within 5 years to yield commercially viable products. Consumer acceptance needs to be
carefully considered as well; sustainability impact should be positive.


  • Processing and filling targets would include to run with industrial production speeds, and the solutions should support allocation in standard production environments without special air conditioning. Use of standard unit operations and conventional packaging is desirable, however not essential.

Possible solution areas

  • We need large scale/capacity solutions which are close to industrial application, or are already proven to function in related industries (e.g. food & dairy, paints or pharma).

Discarded solutions

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