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Seeking Biodegradable and in-water-dissolvable foil to wrap cosmetic formulations

Posted by Anonymous OrganizationResponsive · Ready to Market Technical Innovations and Products · Deadline at 14/12/2020 · European Union

Desired outcome

We are searching for a biodegradable and in-water instantly dissolvable foil to wrap water-free cosmetic formulas. The foil must at least meet the OECD criteria for inherent biodegradability and be suitable for cosmetic use.

Organization from European Union

Details of the Technology Call

Our benchmark are PVA foils used for laundry or dishwasher tabs.

Deliverables must:1 meter foil for making tests in the lab.

Further requirements: packaging

·Compatible with standard packaging materials (PE, PP, PET).

·No corrosive / reactive behavior with glass and plastics (PE, PP, PET).

Further requirements: safety and regulatory

·Cosmetic grade for all substances.

·REACh registered or to be registered.

·MSDS and certificate of analysis.

·All materials should be compliant with the use on human body (large areas).

·All materials should meet OECD biodegradability criteria

Further requirements: intellectual property

·Freedom to operate should be given.

·IP landscape / overview available.

·Substances or formulation should be available.

·Information about own patents covering the provided solution, should be available.

·Information of published state of the art should be available.

Related keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Foil, fils
  • Care, Hygiene, Beauty, Cosmetics
  • Biological Sciences
  • Medicine, Human Health
  • Agriculture and Marine Resources
  • Agrofood Industry
  • Genetic Engineering / Molecular Biology
  • Medical Health related
  • Health and beautty aids, Cosmetics

About Us

Large Enterprise from European Union

We are a company with global and multinational brands. Our business is highly R&D driven. We sell our products worldwide and target considerable market sizes with our innovations.

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