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Seeking renewable carbon alternatives for petrochemical derived emollients

Posted by Anonymous OrganizationResponsive · Specific Technical Innovation · Project Size Range : 250,000 - 1,000,000 € · Deadline at 17/12/2019 · Germany

Desired outcome

The proposal should contain chemically identical alternatives to the specified emollients (see attached document) from a renewable feedstock. The physical properties of these emollients are highly desired for the end-use applications, therefore alternatives should be comparable with regards to physical properties.

Organization from Germany

Details of the Technology Call

Measurement conditions:

  • Viscosity: measured by a rheometer with a 40 mm cone plate and 2° cone angle
  • Density: measured on a DMA 4500 with a flexural resonator and viscosity correction for viscosity<700 mPas
  • Surface and interfacial tension: measured with a Krüss K100 tensiometer, ring method, radius: 9.545 mm, wire diameter 0.37 mm, immersion depth 3.00 mm

These are the key physical parameters that is used to short-list possible candidates, however further development tests are required to determine compatibility with the respective formulas and sensory aspects.

Discarted solutions

  • Mineral oils
  • Hybrids such as iso-propyl esters with the iso-alcohol petrochemical derived
  • Oils with a strong odour and colour
  • Genetically modified feed
  • Oils containing traces of mineraol oil derived compounds such as mineral oil saturated hydrocarbon (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbon (MOAH)

Attached documents

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  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
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  • Agriculture and Marine Resources
  • Agrofood Industry
  • Genetic Engineering / Molecular Biology
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