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Seeking lipids from renewable feedstocks

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Desired outcome

We are seeking oils from a renewable feedstock to improve the renewable carbon content based on the current raw material portfolio. Six oils (and the mixture at equal ratios) are of particular interest whose physical properties infers significant attributes to the final application.

Organization from Germany

Details of the Technology Call

The complete list of oils can be found in the attached documents, with the following criteria applicable for alternate options:

  • the alternative may be a 1:1 replacement of individual oils or a replacement ot 2 to 3 oils which have similar physical properties to one another
  • the feedstock should be renewable
  • the alternative/s should be available on an industrial scale up to 1000 t/year. If such volumes are not available immediately, the intention to scale up to such volumes should be proven
  • oils from natural origins are prone to oxidation, stability of >2 years is desired. Disclosure of the antioxidant combination used as stabilizers is preffered, excluding the use of BHT as a stabilizer
  • Waste as a feedstock: this presents an optional approach to sourcing material from alternative feedstocks. The transformation of agricultural residues (harvesting and processing waste), non-food seed oils and energy crops to hydrocarbons could be viable long-term options worth exploring and the derivatives thereof.
  • synthetic oils produced via the transformation of carbon dioxide into hydricarbons is also highly relevant.

Discarted solutions

The following options are excluded from the scope of this project:

  1. Mineral Oil
  2. Hybrids such as iso-propyl esters with the iso-alcohol derived from petrochemical sources.
  3. Natural derived oils with traces of mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH).
  4. Oils with a strong odour and colour
  5. Oils derived from genetically modified feedstock

Attached documents

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About Us

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We are a FMCG company with global and multinational brands. Our business is highly R&D driven. We sell our products worldwide and target considerable market sizes with our innovations.

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