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Seeking the partner for realization of a method of treatment of oncological diseases by a resinkhronization (restoration) of biorhythms of sick fabric.

Posted by Сибирский инновационный центрResponsive · Partners for Consortium · Funding Available : € 100000
Entity offering the Program : FAISE Link to the Program
· Deadline at 25/07/2018 · Russian Federation

Desired outcome

Development of methods for the treatment of oncological diseases on the device PhysioMag, which implements the method of treatment by resynchronization of biorhythms in diseased tissue EMF.

Details of the Technology Call

An effective and safe method for treating a wide range of diseases has been developed by correcting the deviations that have arisen in the biorhythms of diseased tissue and the apparatus for its implementation. It is necessary to conduct medical research and develop methods for the treatment of various cancers (for example, breast cancer), or other socially significant diseases.

For carrying out of researches it is necessary to know biorhythms a healthy fabric in which there was a pathology, and bio targets this disease.

Related keywords

  • Biological Sciences
  • Genetic Engineering / Molecular Biology
  • Medical Health related
  • Therapeutic
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Oncology

About Сибирский инновационный центр

Research & Technology Organization from Russian Federation

LLC "SIC" is a small innovative enterprise. The company since 2011 is engaged in the development and production of medical equipment in the field of chronomedicine. In the company developed a method for treating various diseases by resynchronizing (restoring) biorhythms in a diseased tissue and an apparatus for its implementation. The method is an alternative to the pharmacotherapy method and guarantees obtaining only a positive therapeutic effect. The method of treatment and the PhysioMag apparatus are patented in the Russian Federation.

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