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INESC TEC is a systems and computer engineering R&D institute with 900+ researchers producing Scientific Research and Technological Development, offering advanced training, specialised consulting and promoting the transfer of its technologies to the market. INESC TEC’s research covers several areas of knowledge: telecommunications, power systems, information and computer graphics, applied photonics, robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced computing, high-assurance software and biomedical engineering.
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Electronics, IT and TelecommsEmbedded Systems and Real Time SystemsIndustrial manufacturing, Material and Transport TechnologiesEnergy TechnologyElectronic measurement systems and 10 more
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Technology Transfer Office
Porto, Portugal

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Automatic RF frequency-tuneable technology to adjust antenna directional radiation pattern to optimize radio signal coupling with other devices such as autonomous vehicles (AUVs) or underwater sensors.[…]

CIEDE 2000 in 5% of the standard processing time with the same accuracy level powered by the use of a patented computer-implemented method based on a new set of digital filters.[…]

An innovative and patented technology for mixed-signal testing and measurement for long-term sensor-based monitoring and I2C or I3C based solutions. C4Mir module and method of operation can be used for initialization, measurement, and resource management through mixed-signal analog bus scheduling,[…]

ACDC Cube is a single-stage, bidirectional and high-frequency isolated power conversion system. ACDC Cube also uses a novel control method to do the interface between the Alternate Current (AC) distribution networks and a battery pack, or other Direct Current (DC) sources/loads, delivering higher po[…]

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