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Ouest Valorisation is a Technology Transfer Acceleration Company.

Our mission is to add value to technological breakthroughs generated by public research laboratories in Western France area (Bretagne & Pays de la Loire), and to provide industrial partners with innovative resources.

We finance and assist technologies until they are adapted by industrial companies, taking on technological and financial risk inherent to the projects.

We enable companies to access these inventions in a quicker way to convert them into innovative products.

We play a full role in creating value.

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Technology Transfer Network

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We have developed an electrochemical device that can carry out oxidation reactions, stabilization, and is able to synthesize sufficient metabolites quantities from an active ingredient in solution. Our aim is to mimic biological reactions (as oxidation) that mainly take place in liver (hepatocyte[…]

This technology is about a PKSIII recombinant active production with a bacteria (E.Coli), which allows, by action on sugar or malonyl-CoA, a responsible production of phloroglucinol and resorcinol, with a minimum environmental impact versus highly polluting petrochemical ways.[…]

Reflux air condenser which solves water condensers' drawbacks without any performance loss. A reflux air condenser which can solve following water condensers' issues: -Need for a water supply. -High water consumption. -Can lead to local floods, especially for long lasting synthesis (over[…]

This technology is about a smart textile material which is able to detect a temperature threshold by dropping its electrical conductivity at this critical temperature.[…]

This technology is about a smart textile material which is able to detect the presence of potentially harmful organic compounds (styrene, toluene, methanol…) in gas or liquid form. Detection occurs by a change of electrical conductivity once the textile in contact with at least one chemical.[…]

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