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The Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine (BBZ) was founded in 2003 as the central research institute of the Leipzig University.
The BBZ promotes the networking of research within the university while simultaneously utilizing emerging interdisciplinary synergies. In cooperation with biotechnologically relevant groups in a life-science network at the Leipzig University, it has been possible to promote the outstanding development in biotechnology with national and international visibility and competitiveness.
Knowledge- and experience-intensive areas of innovation are for the biotechnology industry in Leipzig of great importance. In addition to high-level applied and fundamental research, the BBZ has successfully established an internationally competitive development and implementation platform. Due to its competence and capacity, the BBZ also provides technological consultation for research and industry partners.
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PharmaceuticsBiological SciencesMedicine, Human HealthCytology, Cancerology, OncologyDentristry / Odontology, Stomatology Technology and 8 more
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Technology Transfer Office
Leipzig, Germany

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The University of Leipzig has patented a series of Carborane-Based Inhibitors of the 5-LO Lypoxygenase pathway. These inhibitors are selectively cytotoxic towards several leukotriene-dependend melanoma and colon cancer cell lines., while leaving non-malignent cells intact. Furthermore, these inhibi[…]

Our research involves the modification of a recently patented molecule that contains L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) and other bonding peptides to increase osseointegration on metal surfaces, particularly titanium. Lab results show that when coated with this molecule, titanium surfaces showed in[…]

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