Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Novosibirsk State University

Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Novosibirsk State University

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1, Pirogova Street, Novosibirsk, Russia · Russian Federation | BASIC

About Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Novosibirsk State University


Novosibirsk State University is located in the worldwide famous scientific center – Akademgorodok. 80% of NSU faculty members are scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. So education is carried out in close cooperation with the world-class science and R&D.
We represent the Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Novosibirsk State University.
Our objective is to audit technologies developed by university teams and laboratories, prepare technologies with commercialization potential for technology transfer, initiate contacts with prospective partners.
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Electronics, IT and TelecommsIndustrial manufacturing, Material and Transport TechnologiesIndustrial TechnologiesEnergy TechnologyPhysical Sciences and Exact Sciences and 5 more
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Technology Transfer Office
1, Pirogova Street, Novosibirsk, Russia

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A university laboratory (Russia) has developed a master's degree program “Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence”, which is distinguished for being project-oriented and arranged in such a way where students in the course acquire the necessary knowledge and skills through participation in the[…]

A university in Russia has developed and patented technology for preparation of pulverized coal fuel for clean combustion. The main advantage of the technology is its adaptability to various coals, methods of coal preparation, boilers. The technology provides deeper combustion of pulverized coal fue[…]

At the university (Novosibirsk) the technology of diamondlike coatings is developed for optical systems in the wide range of IR-optics. Coatings have high adhesion to a variety of substrates and are suitable for application as medical antibacterial coverings, a friction reducing coating with a low f[…]

Models of mem-capacitors - computing devices with memory based on graphene nanocomposites are developed in the laboratory of the university (Russia). This class of devices has an architecture with significantly greater speed and lower power consumption compared to traditional ones. It allows avoidin[…]

A post-quantum public-key cryptographic system has been developed in the cryptography laboratory of the university (Novosibirsk). It is used in the Internet of things, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, key exchange, for example, in instant messengers, or as an independent mean of protection. Th[…]

Researchers of Novosibirsk State University have developed a revolutionary algorithm for quantum-stable digital signature based on results of fundamental research in mathematics. Moreover, they implemented the algorithm as a software prototype. The cryptographic stability of the digital signature gu[…]

The scientists of an academic university specializing in the development and design of equipment have developed a novel technology of highly efficient cooling for data centers. The system allows to remove heat flow of 300 W/cm2 and more with a relatively low power consumption. It is a compact and al[…]

A voice recognition technology has been developed by a University laboratory (Russia) that allowed to build a web service to identify a speaker by a 15 second fragment of the voice recording with an accuracy up to 96%. The university seeks for partners for technical cooperation, licensing or commerc[…]

University (Novosibirsk) has developed electronic applications for diagnosis, development and correction of speech in clinics or at home. Previously non-automated methods of forming speaking skills are brought to the modern technology level. Applications allows you to reduce the workload and some st[…]

The devices that allow various manipulations with beams of mm and sub-mm radiation have been developed in the laboratory of a University (Russia). The devices are used in scientific research, satellite systems for remote sensing of atmospheric composition and in the study of deep-space objects, as w[…]

A number of thermal detectors and visualizers for inspection systems and quality inspection have been developed in the laboratory of a University (Russia). The design of detectors allows reducing the manufacturing cost as much as possible and combining functions of spectral, polarization and spatial[…]

Plasmon sensors of ultra-small concentrations of chemical substances have been developed in the laboratory of the University (Russia). The sensors are used in medicine, pharmaceuticals, safety systems and R&D to improve the sensitivity of IR spectroscopy devices. The detector installed in the system[…]

Systems for radar type visualization of the mm-range have been developed in the laboratory of the University (Russia). The systems are used for screening applications. They allow to determine objects hidden under the clothes and inside the baggage. They are safer in comparison with X-ray systems and[…]

A university laboratory (Russia) has developed a versatile method of perfect crystal growth as a technology to produce a wide range of crystals. These can be applied in detectors, customs terminals for cargo and cars examination, anti-terror systems, in a tomography of ultrahigh permission and a mag[…]

The innovative company (Russia) that cooperates with the university and R&D institutes has developed an UHMWPE production technology (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) for production of high-strength materials and threads to manufacture implants, porous filters, ropes, armor and materials fo[…]

Russian Laboratory of Academic Novosibirsk University, specializing in the area of electrode materials research, developed a technology of hybrid nanostructures, having high electrical capacity, for supercapacitors creation. Usage of this technology allows to increase the capacity of capacitors up t[…]

At the University and Research Institute (Russia) power-saving and resource-saving methods of receiving and purification new organic semiconductor materials are developed. These materials can be used as active environments of devices of organic electronics – light-emitting diodes, transistors and th[…]

In a laboratory of Virology and Morphology of an Academic University (Novosibirsk, Russia) the technology of production of high-quality microscope slides for histologic researches was developed. The technology can be applied in educational purposes as well as in different research programs in Pharma[…]

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