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ESTTF is an international event dedicated to space technologies transfer in both aspects - inside and outside the industry. Thanks to cooperation with our partners: ESA, European GNSS Agency, national space agencies, PRIME companies, space sector SMEs from all over Europe as well as large industrial companies from other industry sectors, we have prepared a program with a high substantive value, that allows technology transfer issues to be analyzed on many levels. ESTTF is not only a conference, it is also: a review of innovative solutions presented by ESA Technology Broker Network ARP Innovation Pitch 4Space – a pitching session that presents the solutions that were created in the space sector and adapted to other industries Expert consultations in the field of legal, patent, business and technology B2B meeting session

Join the upcoming FEI: Front End of Innovation USA 2019, held by KNect365 in Boston, MA, USA.

Growth Mindset: Forge New Partnerships. Shatter Business Silos. Innovate for Tomorrow. 

May 14-16, 2019 | Boston, MA

The 17th annual Front End of Innovation conference helps you merge innovation processes and corporate culture into a powerful engine that dominates markets.

With special insights from Apple legend Steve Wozniak, MIT Media Lab visionary Joi Ito, and Google’s Ivy Ross, FEI gives you the ammunition you need to stop talking about the value of innovation, and start delivering on it.

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An Essential Summit for Marketing Executives

Get Current, Make Better Decisions, Be Inspired

Digital marketing is changing by the minute across all platforms, tools and technologies. Few executives can keep up. This conference was designed specifically for senior marketing executives by bringing leaders from the leading digital marketing platforms, tools and technologies to inspire them with what’s possible based on their latest capabilities.

Who this conference is for

❯ CMO’s who need to be informed on how technology is changing the ways they communicate

❯ Traditional brand leaders who are challenged by the wide range of platforms and services

❯ Senior marketers responsible for assuring their organizations are informed about the latest key platforms and technologies

❯ Agencies and media partners whose clients expect them to be platform experts so they can deliver best-in-class creative solutions



This isn’t a quick survey of technologies or repurposed sales presentations, but an in-depth learning opportunity to assure execs are fully versed on how these technologies and platforms can help maximize the return on ad spending and drive their businesses forward. Here strategy meets creativity, technology & execution.

Summit Content

Extended Reality AR / VR / MR, AI Based Creative, Social Media, Visual & Audio Search, Engaging Apps, Future of Apps, Music Playlist AI, Partnerships & Collaborations, Gifs & Memes, Short Form COntent, Live Streaming, SEO & SEM.

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