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Organisations across a variety of industries are increasingly recognising the value of Open Innovation, allowing companies to continually improve their innovation success and growth potential.

The second Global Business Innovation Conversation for 2019 will explore the latest research insights and company experiences on embracing organisational transformation and realising value from open collaborative innovation.

This event will feature Swarovski's Strategic Director of Innovation Ecosystems, Hannes Erler, along with other industry innovators in the Australian business landscape. Globally known for his specialised knowledge in innovation management, Hannes will discuss how the billion-dollar company leveraged innovation ecosystems to pursue ground-breaking opportunities.

He will also share insights on how the 125-year-old jewellery and crystal juggernaut used open innovation to become an award-winning innovation pioneer. The panel will include innovation experts from Australia Post, Toll Global Logistics, Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) and more.

They will discuss: - How to create and capture value from collaborative activities for game-changing innovations - What it takes to implement open innovation by Australian companies - How companies develop, facilitate, and manage Open Innovation and digital transformation - How to build innovation capabilities and cross-industry R&D partnerships with universities, start-ups and other stakeholders - What skills and competencies are required to work in a collaborative innovation environment and how to best foster them.

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Join the upcoming innovation event "Finance 4.0" held in Barcelona, Spain by Axiome Groupe.

Bringing financial functions into 4th Revolution 51st Finance Edition 19th - 20th September 2019 Hotel Catalonia Plaça Catalunya**** Barcelona, Spain In this 51st financial edition, Axiom Groupe is gathering CFOs, Finance VPs and Director from all over Europe to address those challenges and how can optimise business value through digital transformation to deliver better, fast and more efficient service to the consumer in a very demanding and competitive market.

Join the upcoming innovation event "Financial Shared Services & GBS Transformation 2019" held in Barcelona, Spain by Axiome Groupe.

Emerging Digital Transformation for the new generation of SSC & GBS 15th Edition 19th - 20th September 2019 Hotel Catalunya**** Barcelona , Spain Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are joining the mainstream, and they’re coming to a shared-services center near you. In many cases, they bring big promises of disruption in the form of dramatically improved efficiency and effectiveness and great reductions in human effort. A compelling proposition if it actually happens.

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