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WELCOME TO NEW INNOVATION LANDSCAPE Creating New Products, Breaking New Barriers Innovation is a continuous process; it acts as a lifeline for a company to survive and to sustain a future that is still unknown, new technology and trends are causing a mega disruption. Thus we need to have a closer focus on latest developments to ensure that we are up to speed, and don’t fall behind in the arena. At the same-time we need to closely learn from each other in order to improvise, drive the change agenda. What is relevant today will become obsolete tomorrow fast, for the last 10 years our conference platform is helping the global innovation community to be at the forefront of new ideas, and to foster the culture of innovation. This conference is your best opportunity to join the leading edge innovators who will talk the talk, and walk the walk. They are passionate about sharing their failures, success stories, challenges, and show you how you can master the art of innovation. YES! It is worth your time and ROI. Join us this year in Amsterdam, and be part of this journey. Bring your Boss & Colleagues too! Oh YES! Now take advantage of ‘Early bird’ to save more.

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Thousands of innovation events and open innovation conferences are organised yearly worldwide. Because of the broad offer, Innoget partners with trusted innovation events organisers to provide you must-attending innovation events and open-innovation conferences. In this way, you will find here innovation events in London, innovation events in Dubai or innovation events in San Francisco, to mention just few of them. Innovation events to advance your career, project or network.

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