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Join the upcoming innovation event "Back End of Innovation 2018" held in Phoenix, United States by KNect 365.

BEI: The Road Map to Execution Back End of Innovation is the only event focused 100% on the back-end processes to drive idea execution, build financial impact and enhance cultural change.

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At the back end of the innovation cycle there are no clear-cut rules on driving business impact through idea implementation. That’s why BEI brings you the most forward thinking companies and thought leaders who are succeeding at execution. We equip you with the knowledge and connect you to the right network, to sustain a program and your career in the long term. The focus areas for 2018 address many of the top issues that innovation executives struggle with.

Working with cross industry innovation thought leaders you’ll tackle these issues head on to find workable solutions to your everyday problems. 2018 Focus Areas: How to Get External Stakeholders to give a BUCK! Hustle like a Start-Up: Curating the Right Culture & Team Pivoting on a Dime: Structure, Process, & Flexibility ROI: Turning Ideas into Dollars

Join the upcoming innovation event GCCIR Matchmaking Symposium in Barcelona 2018 held in Barcelona, Spain by Innoget and GCCIR.

Join us in this unique opportunity for Spanish organizations to connect with potential Albertan partners to jointly develop R&D projects eligible to receive funding under the Alberta-Europe Technology Collaboration Fund as well as other funding programs to be presented during the event.

The matchmaking symposium, organized by both the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (GCCIR) and Innoget, the free access global open innovation network, with the support of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and ACCIÓ, the agency for business competitiveness in Catalonia, will take place on November 19th in Barcelona, as part of the 2018 GCCIR Matchmaking Mission to Europe.

Why attend

Roughly 15 to 20 Albertan SMEs (small-to-medium sized enterprises) will participate in the symposium for the purpose of meeting potential R&D partners based in Spain. Furthermore, during the event, the German-Canadian Centre for Research (GCCIR), the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and ACCIÓ will present the available funding programs that both Spanish and Albertan partners could apply to fund the resulting projects.

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The symposium is intended for all Spanish organizations –SMEs, Startups, Large Enterprises, Universities, Research Groups, Research and Technology Centres, Regional Promotion Agencies, Scientific and Technology Parks, Clusters, etc.– with activities related to the industrial sectors below:

GCCIR Symposium Industrial Sectors

Symposium Agenda

10:00 Arrival and registration (Coffee served)

10:30 Welcome
Ms. Katelyn Petersen, Manager at German-Canadian Center for Innovation and Research

10:35 Introduction to Alberta region 
Mr. Martin Truksa, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade at Government of Alberta

10:45 Alberta-Europe Technology Collaboration Fund presentation
Mr. Jonas Kuhn, Coordinador de Proyecto Senior del German-Canadian Center for Innovation and Research

11:00 CDTI Funding Programs for Spanish organizations presentation
Ms. Inmaculada Cabrera, Canada Projects Coordinator at CDTI

11:15 ACCIÓ Funding Programs for Catalan organizations presentation
Ms. Anna Monistrol, Project Manager, International Cooperation at ACCIÓ
Ms. Mireia Fageda, Manager of the Tecniospring Program at ACCIÓ
Mr. David Rovirosa, Manager of R&D and Innovation European Programs at ACCIÓ
Ms. Gisela Muñoz, International Trade Consultant at ACCIÓ

11:30 Company introductions

12:05 Individual discussions / B2B Networking

12:45 Lunch and further discussions

14:30 Program End

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About the organizers

German-Canadian Centre for Research and Innovation (GCCIR)
The German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (GCCIR) is a multilateral initiative for the development of German-Canadian, and more broadly European-Canadian, research and business relations. 
It is based in Edmonton, Alberta and is located in the TEC Edmonton Business Incubator. The Centre provides support for the exchange of information, development of networks, and the establishment and cultivation of collaborative partnerships in academia, business, and industry.

Innoget, the trusted open innovation network
Innoget is the free access global open innovation network where worldwide innovation and research professionals meet brilliant experts, find novel technologies, groundbreaking startups and innovative business opportunities online. With more than 14 years in the market, Innoget has become the partner of choice for thousands of institutions, from F500s to Startups and Research Organizations.

Supporting organizations

Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI)

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) is a Public Business Entity, answering to the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness, which fosters the technological development and innovation of Spanish companies. It is the entity that channels the funding and support applications for national and international R&D&i projects of Spanish companies. The CDTI thus seeks to contribute to improving the technological level of the Spanish companies.

ACCIÓ - Agency for Business Competitiveness of Catalonia

ACCIÓ is the Agency for Business Competitiveness of Catalonia. ACCIÓ’s different programmes promote internationalization and innovation, providing service to 24,000 companies a year. We connect businesses to the key strategic sectors. We promote internationalization and innovation. We help Catalan business and startups boost their competitiveness. We help international companies connect and tap into the competitive advantages Catalonia and Barcelona provide.

RCD - Rosaud Costas Duran
Rosaud Costas Duran is a leading independent, dynamic and innovative law firm and a reference for providing comprehensive legal advice. RCD is among the most active firms in the transactional market, as reflected in the main international rankings.

Join the upcoming innovation event "FT Innovation Dialogue 5 - The Change Challenge" held in London, United Kingdom by Financial Times Live. 

Discover how innovation leaders are implementing change in their companies to reduce red-tape and to cultivate a more inclusive workplace environment - one in which new ideas can flower, and through which innovation can easily flow.

Ideas, the raw material of innovation, are everywhere. The danger is that we end up looking in the same places for them all the time. Good ideas aren’t exclusive to the C-suite. Those further down the ranks are often closer to the technology and cultural shifts that are taking place, and can provide great insights as well.

But workforces, like the management that governs them, can be blighted by homogeny: everyone is just like everyone else. In the sphere of ideas and creativity, homogeny begets more of the same. More of the same is an enemy of innovation. Bureaucracy (ideas get stuck) and hierarchy (ideas don’t get seen) are enemies of innovation.

How can innovation leaders implement structural change to reduce red-tape, make decision-making more horizontal and cultivate a more inclusive workplace environment - one in which new ideas can flower, and through which innovation can easily flow. What are the technologies that might help facilitate this? And, crucially, how can the power at the center get out of the way of the exciting new ideas happening at the edge?

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Join the upcoming event "Waste heat: opportunities for sustainable energy-intensive industries" held in Piacenza, Italy by Tasio H2020.

The workshop, organized within the EU funded project TASIO, has the purpose to provide an overview of the TASIO project, deeply describing its main scientific results.

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