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Master the Challenges of Our Fast Changing Tech World... We empower pioneers on their journey into the 21st century with 4 superpowers: exponential technologies, self-development, social intelligence, and execution power so they can solve the biggest mysteries of our existence. IN A NUTSHELL In an immersive festival, we will take you on a pioneer's journey. In one day you will be exposed to some of the most advanced ideas and skillsets required to transition into our exponential future. In our Nano-Workshops of 90 minutes, you will learn fascinating skills such as Holacracy/ Future of work and media, Advanced Blockchain, exponential disruption, attacking your own business model and figure out your personal and company “Why”. You will understand why mindfulness and emotional intelligence are becoming the new pillars upon which we must build our businesses and society. You will learn to solve complex problems by using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and experience first hand what Scaling up means. - 800 Pioneers - 4 Superpowers - 1 Journey More information:


  • 14 November, 2019


KUNST BLOCK BALVE, Friedrich von Pauli Straße, München, Deutschland

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