Description of the event

Join the upcoming "Innovation Mini MBA, supported by Google" held in London,United Kingdom by Innovation Academy.

The Innovation Mini MBA is a fully immersive learning experience, focusing on deep-dive case studies and experiential engagement.

This unique programme provides individuals and organizations with the tools to implement lasting innovation through problem definition, idea scaling, and prioritization.

The Innovation Mini MBA works for participants experiencing a high level of disruption in their industry, who have struggled to monetize their innovation practices or want to create a consistent culture of innovation.

The programme delivers a practical end-to-end process with all the innovation models and tools needed for success.

Who is it for?

- Challengers... are looking for the tools to make viable creations that make commercial and strategic sense
- Disruptors... are looking to learn about the latest technologies that can help make creations that harness market demand
- Innovators... are looking for guidance, inspiration and the tools to turn vision into reality


  • 19 November, 2018
  • until
  • 23 November, 2018


The Academy, a Google Space, London, United Kingdom

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