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Join the annual edition of the World Innovation Convention 2018 held in World Innovation Convention 2018 by B2BEUROPE. Tap into the true power of innovation!

Tap Into The True Power Of Innovation! Knowledge: The Most Valuable Currency Join This Transformational Conference Today!

For the last 8 years, our team has been launching World Innovation Convention, one of the world’s most acclaimed conferences on innovation in vibrant cities like Ibiza, Cannes, and Berlin. Berlin is on its way to becoming the newest home for modern innovation and is the dynamic hub for young and seasoned professionals that want to be in the company of the world’s sharpest and most influential minds. The moving parts surrounding this conference point to a stratospheric future.

Those who have the foresight to take advantage now will be setting themselves up for a very bright future. After all, knowledge is the most valuable currency on the market today and can turn a small investment into an ever-growing fortune! This Conference is All About Innovation! By attending this conference you will have the chance to not just learn from the sharpest innovators working today, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with them. Engage and collaborate in a most vibrant setting! In fact, when you get in a room filled with brilliant minds, you will feel totally inspired when they walk the talk!

A global conference means global talent. Simply being there puts you in an elite group of high achievers, and change makers Why you should attend the innovation conference in Berlin depends on whether or not you consider yourself to be interested in contributing to the innovation for the future, illuminate your mind, knowledge, and perspective, and to get fully acquainted with new trends and technology shaping the future. Don’t wait another minute; sign up today to be a part of something amazing! Time To Pull Out Your True Potential We’re not only offering you the chance to further your career with a priceless knowledge readily available to you, we’re giving you the tools needed to bring a transformation in your career by tapping into the true power of innovation.

There may be things within your possession that carry a lot of value that you have overlooked. You may be fully equipped with everything you need to advance in your business but just don’t know how to turn it for your benefit. This conference specializes in pulling out the potential. The only thing you have to do is register as soon as possible. If you consider yourself entrepreneurial minded, we suggest you take advantage while the opportunity is still available to you, to get ahead. Are you ready to learn from World's leading innovators? Register today and secure your seat.


  • 12 December, 2018
  • until
  • 14 December, 2018


Berlin, Germany

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