• 33rd International Conference on Psychiatry & Mental Health

  • Event organized by ME Conferences
  • 25 - 26 June, 2020
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Event description

Welcome message Dear Colleagues, The "33rd International conference on Psychiatry & Mental Health" has been scheduled on June 25-26, 2020 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The congress stands on the theme “Resolving mental illness by interpreting Human sense & intellect”. PSYCHIATRY MEET 2020 is an extraordinary center of the Congress, which will be the integration of modern innovations and investigate discoveries in the field of psychiatry & Neuroscience. It'll too bring together master clinicians, analysts and pioneers of stakeholder organizations within the field of mental health, advertising an extraordinary set of Whole and State of the Craftsmanship Addresses, Instructive Courses, Symposia, Workshops with specialists and sessions planned by and for early career therapists. We are certain that like each year, the Congress will speak to all members with an extraordinary and proficient encounter and we look forward to inviting you to Abu Dhabi, UAE. From PSYCHIATRY MEET 2020 Organizing Committee! Mental Health Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, mental health & social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act in our lifestyle. It also helps in handling stress, relating to others, and making choices. Mental health is very much important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. Over the course of our life, if we experience mental health problems, our thinking, mood, and behavior could be affected. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, including: Biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry, nervous system & genetics Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse Family history of mental health problems Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health professionals, Social workers, Nurse practitioners or Physicians can help oversee mental illness with treatments. Mental illnesses are more dangerous than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. A WHO report assesses the worldwide cost of mental illness at about $2.5 trillion (66% in aberrant expenses) in 2010, with an anticipated increment to over $6 trillion by 2030. Who joins? Psychologist Neuropsychologist Psychiatrist Mental Health Psychiatrist Psychiatric Technician Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Substance Abuse Nurse Scientists and professors Psychometrist Neuroimaging Technician Students Diagnostic laboratory professionals Business Entrepreneurs Industry professionals Directors/Managers/CEO’s Presidents & Vice Presidents Brand Manufacturers/ Marketers of Consumer Products Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Agency Executives Why join? Our conference always brings national and International eminent personalities to a single floor and also provides a good opportunity for business as well as academic professionals. This conference includes symposium, workshops, lectures, YRF (Young Research Forum), poster presentation and various other programs for the participants over the globe. Keynote talks by the top-notch of the global scientific community Sterling workshop & special sessions Remarkable Awards and Global Recognition to meritorious Researchers & women scientists Global Networking oppertunities with 50+ Countries experts Novel Platform to Benefit Your Research & experience For more information drop a mail to: psychiatrymeet@globalconferencemeet.com Click here to register with us: https://psychiatry.neuroconferences.com/registration.php Submit your presentation: https://psychiatry.neuroconferences.com/abstract-submission.php

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