• Global Conference on Catalysis & Applied Chemical Engineering (GCC 2020)

  • Event organized by Hazel Group
  • 23 - 25 November, 2020
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Tech Transfer and R&D Events Event
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Event description

Hazel Group, we take pleasure to announce our Global Conference on Catalysis & Applied Chemical Engineering (GCC 2020) has been scheduled during November 23-25, 2020 at Dubai, UAE. With indeed focus on the essential progression of developments and advancements through the latest upfront Catalysis and Applied Chemical Engineering This meeting includes several interactive sessions specifically designed for highly acclaimed educational activity which has been considered one of the predominant meetings on this subject. The objective of the Neurology Conference-2020 is to reinforce Contemporary Advances and Innovations in Chemistry & Catalysis Research, Abstracts must contain original research data collected by the author(s). Presentations will be selected based upon their articulation, design and other characteristics, which cover wider aspects of chemical science research as well as its policies related to the themes. The conference enhanced through the provision of an interactive keynote, workshops, oral, and poster presentation sessions. Each Individual presenter will be assigned 30 minutes time duration to express his/her research experiences followed by an interactive discussion led by leading authorities. The committee aims to create a friendly, warm network environment among participants which makes it easy to interact other colleges/attendee to connect with each other and share their ideas and establish the foundation for future vision and development. We look forward to meeting all of you in Dubai. https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/ https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/scientific-committee.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/featured-speaker.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/brochure-download.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/important-dates.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/group-participation.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/faqs.phpc https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/scientific-sessions.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/scientific-program.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/abstract-submission.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/guidelines.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/sponsorship-exhibitor.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/venue-and-hospitality.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/contact-us.php https://www.catalysis-conferences.hazelgroup.org/registration.php

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