Climate-KIC supports 210,000 € open innovation competition to allow food production from wasted heat energy

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23 May, 2017   Press releases


The EU’s largest private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy, Climate-KIC, posted on Monday 22nd, May 2017 a SEK 2,000,000 (210,000 €) open innovation competition on Innoget, the trusted global open innovation, science and technology network.


The Technology Call titled Seeking solutions to allow food production from wasted heat energy emitted from industry (Urban Food from Residual Heat competition)aims to find partners with innovative solutions to be involved in a new venture.

The competition, launched by the Swedish cities of Malmö, Lund, Oskarshamn and Bjuv in collaboration with the home energy supplier E.ON, ICA Fastigheter, Veolia and other partners, looks for partners to join a new venture that will use wasted heat energy emitted from industrial sources in the production of food, or other biological products within the urban environment.



Residual heat often emitted as clean warm water represents a waste of both energy and resources that is detrimental to the local and global environment

These four Swedish municipalities plan to capture this residual heat coming from industrial processes and reuse it to produce fish, vegetables and other biological goods in production units placed in their respective urban areas. Furthermore, they aim to incorporate the concepts of sustainability, the circular economy and zero waste into a new local service, one which will have positive socioeconomic benefits for the cities, such as employment, education and urban gentrification.

In their global search for solutions, the municipalities of Malmö, Lund, Oskarshamn and Bjuv launched a joint 210,000 € open innovation competition from which the winning ideas will be taken and incorporated into a final proposal. Those involved in the final winning consortium will be able to collaborate with world leading companies such as E.ON, Veolia and Kraftringen on implementing their proposal in one or more of the host cities.

Deadline for submission of proposals is set on June 2nd, 2017 and the consortium is seeking the submission of ideas to solve a number of challenge areas, as well as those that may build and improve upon the whole concept of using waste heat for food production.


Open Innovation Challenge areas can be found in the Technology Call first posted on Innoget by Climate-KIC --



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