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Research & Development for Industry, materials science, micro technology, additive manufacture process, 22 years experience in European Research programs and partnership in Africa, patents granted and applied for, brands and national awards
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Small and Medium Enterprise

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Monitoring photovoltaic energy production under real conditions to evaluate geophysical, meteorological data, e.g. temperature dependence of existing solar units and new solar materials and - systems under research & development.[…]

Schwimmfähige Photovoltaikanlage / Floatable Photovoltaic System to produce Electric Energy using floatable Aluminum- plates in thermal contact with Photovoltaic Elements. Weather dependend heating of the Photovoltaic Elements will reduce their efficiency in producing Electric Energy. Cooling the P[…]

Photovoltaic modules generating electric energy from global radiation often heat up under high global radiation values and loos electric power under these conditions, offen called voltage drop, We have developed different cooling methods which reduce temperature of photovoltaic modules and at the sa[…]

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Dr. - Ing. Wolfgang Hornig

Dr. - Ing. Wolfgang Hornig

CEO at BPE e.K.

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