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Biochemize SL is an small biotechnology R&D company (founded 8 years ago and with a team of 10 persons) located in Barcelona that is focused in the development -from basic research to scale-up and industrial production- of bioprocesses (using enzyms and/or microorganisms, wild and/or engineered for the production of APIs and all kind of high value molecules, instead of using chemical synthesis, with higher yield and lower operational cost and environmental impact. The company has its own lab facilities, and participates in public funded research projects, at european and international levels.
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Biochemize SL

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Cis-3-hexenol (mainly) and trans-4-hexenal are two molecules highly used in the cosmetic/fragances industry that are produced by chemical synthesis from non-renewable sources as petroleum. Recently, the need for this molecules obtained from renewable sources has been growing-up, but up to now the on[…]

The use of chymosins for the production of cheese and cheese derivatives from milk has been known for years, and nowadays this technique has completely substituted the use of calf rennet. Biochemize SL has developed several recombinant yeast and bacteria strains able to express chymosins from bovine[…]

D-panose (α-D-Glucopyranosyl-(1->6)-α-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->4)-D-glucose) is a high value tri-saccharide molecule that has been proposed as a low caloric content sugar (i), as a promoter for probiotics (ii) and having outstanding anti-oxidant. anti-tumoral properties (iii). Currently this rare sugar […]

Saline marshes are natural environments with hard conditions supporting life due to the high concentration of salts. Thus, microbial flora surviving there needs to develop high performance molecular mechanisms to retain water against osmotic pressure. Biochemize has developed a low-cost and non-inva[…]

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