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DBH Technologies

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Černčice, Czech Republic · Czech Republic | BASIC

About DBH Technologies


DBH is focused on:

• Contractual/collaborative research and development in the food sector - new food applications such as vegetable protein applications, new flavors, material encapsulation (e.g. aromas, vitamins etc.)

• Delivery of its own novel drying technology (CASND) suitable especially for drying thermolabile and biological materials
Research areas
Chemical Technology and EngineeringMicro- and NanotechnologyBiological SciencesMicro- and Nanotechnology related to Biological sciencesTechnologies for the food industry and 3 more
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Small and Medium Enterprise
Černčice, Czech Republic

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We are currently seeking best-in-class collaboration partners for the postings listed below. You can respond to current opportunities by browsing the listed entries. We do want to invite you to cooperate with us so please contact us through the available template and we will get in contact with you. Please provide as much detailed information as possible in order to facilitate the engagement process.

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Marek Houda

Marek Houda

managing director at DBH Technologies

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