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Alphanosos is a privately held company incorporated November 2014 in France. We are leveraging our disruptive, AI based, proprietary discovery process to discover and patent active ingredients and products based on plants with a history of safe human consumption to replace, with a superior efficacy and reduced risks of side effects, many of the chemical products used as therapeutic drugs in the human and animal health industries. We concentrate our discovery efforts on the selective killing of deleterious micro-organisms and cells. Our initial focus is on new antibiotics and anti-cancer products, with first products already in post-discovery phase and a first patent application on anti-staphylococci products, for which we already obtained topical and systemic animal model results. Early revenue is already generated by licenses for cosmetic usage of certain of these products, to be soon followed with licenses for veterinary applications and later for human drugs.
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Riom, France

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Alternatives to antibiotics made of edibles/feed additives with activities against multi-resistant bacteria, including many of high concern and/or interest in agriculture and aquaculture[…]

We are looking for distributors and/or licensees for Effiskin(r). This hygiene product is a lotion formulated around our patent pending alternative to antibiotics and chlorhexidine, a WECMEP (Water Extracts of Complex Mixes of Edible Plants) with a great safety profile. Successful animal model resul[…]

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