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Allero Therapeutics is a newly created biotech start-up whose co-founders are based in four of the major European biotech clusters. Our objective is to develop next generation safe immunotherapies for immune mediated disorders.
Immune mediated disorders arise when our immune system is out of balance and attacks our own tissues as in autoimmune diseases or overreact to otherwise innocous external agents such as pollens or house dust mites as in allergic disorders.
Current treatments of immune mediated disorders remain unsatisfactory as they either do not treat the underlying causes and have significant immuno suppressive side effects (e.g. for autoimmune disease) or efficacy and compliance is not great as it requires lengthy multi-year and daily treatment (e.g. for allergic disorders).
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Ghent, Belgium

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We are currently seeking best-in-class collaboration partners for the postings listed below. You can respond to current opportunities by browsing the listed entries. We do want to invite you to cooperate with us so please contact us through the available template and we will get in contact with you. Please provide as much detailed information as possible in order to facilitate the engagement process.

Current opportunities: Therapeutic solutions for the treatment of immune mediated disorders that would:
- Restore normal immune balance
- Avoid global immune suppression
- Ideally treat the cause of the disease
- Involve a convenient and short-course administration

Relevant immune mediated disease models for demonstrating Proof-of-Principle.

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