Innoget invited to present its open innovation platform in Edinburgh

Press releases - 2012-05-18

Innoget is presenting its platform in the Open Innovation workshop, to be held on the 31st May in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Organized by the Roslin Biocentre, a world-leading ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Life Sciences and a thriving scientific community from Edinburgh, this event is intended for SME's, Knowledge Transfer Professionals and individuals interested in understanding, adopting and using Open Innovation principles and tools. The workshop will draw on examples from Astra Zeneca, GSK, Novartis, Pfizer, Infosys, Unilever, (U-BIOPRED; Pistoia Alliance) from academia and commerce within Scotland across the UK and from Europe to look at how Open Innovation principles can be used by SME's. Presented by speakers from industry, Open Innovation intermediaries, academia, creative and IP sectors. Key topics range from open innovation, intellectual property and open innovation, open innovation intermediaries and Crowd sourcing and Crowd Funding.

Jordi Ràfols – Marketing manager at Innoget – will give an overview about changing innovation environment today, the impact of globalization on accessing and managing external innovation capabilities, and the new role of innovation intermediaries. He will also give some insights on different available Innovation Intermediaries and an in-depth on new virtual innovation marketplaces for technology transfer.

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