Innoget Sponsors the World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneuship

News - 2012-05-12

September 26–28, 2012 - Boston, USA.
One of the best ways to make a big name for your innovation is to be part of big-name projects. Many of the world’s next great innovations will be shared at The World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Boston (THEWSIE).  
THEWSIE is an intimate innovation community of mavericks, geniuses, and icons. It is the place where we will share energy, health, technology, communication, lifestyle, and education innovations. The magnet for the world’s rising stars, hottest innovators, and coolest designers.  

THEWSIE offers the opportunity to interact with chief executives entrepreneurs, and innovators; scientists, designers, venture capitalists; cultural and education leaders; from over 50 nations. They will be sharing their brilliant ideas, as well as looking for the best practices, partners, and innovations that can produce the next great opportunities for their businesses and cities. 
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