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Ismael Almazan
Director of services
IRIS Research & Development

Our innovation policy

has as a main driver for its activities to have a flexible and results
focused policy on innovation, towards their peers and clients. Our IP
and the IP generated during the activities we carry out , are always
marketable and can be part of the output of the projects for our
clients, we are flexible and opened as a R+D and Engineering company.IRIS
creates and brings the "tangible innovation gap" that is currently not
existing and therefore blocking the scale-up and the f... view more

About IRIS Research & Development

IRIS Research & Development Mission is to bring high quality, value for money engineering, research and development services suited to the needs and pace of industry and to develop novel technological solutions that innovate industry and contribute to sustainability and quality of life.

IRIS is a company specializing in providing a comprehensive advanced ID solutions and engineering for monitoring and optimizing industrial processes, in a large number of segments.

While IRIS roots are in the field of food technology, the company has diversified its fields of action and currently has six consolidated business units: Pharma and Food Technology, Ecomaterials and Packaging, Energy and Environment, Production Processes, Optical Systems and ICT - Intelligent Systems.

Both in Barcelona and in Dublin, IRIS has research laboratories and production workshops annexed to their offices. IRIS has a total of more than 1000 m2 of facilities, six laboratories in the areas of Agrofood, optics, materials and electronics, and prototyping and validation workshops equipped with latest generation equipment.

IRIS offers advanced ID and engineering with the mission of optimizing industrial processes and improve business performance, quality and safety of their products generated. Researchers and engineers are experts in IRIS integration of scientific and technological advances in industrial environments, as our experience and staff come directly from industry. As a private organization, in IRIS know the meaning of "value for money" as we leverage the latest technologies to address the real challenges of the industry today.

ROI, generating value and excellence in quality are key drivers of IRIS to provide the best applied research and engineering, providing a high-quality, yet affordable, tailored to the needs of companies with and they work for and the industry or sector.

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