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  • Fresh food and beverage producers (bulk and packaged) who would like to move away from conventional technologies while assuring microbial safety and high quality products.

Description of the technology

We have developed a novel non-thermal technology that reduces the microbial load of fresh liquid and solid food matrices. The European Agrofood sector is in need for alternative methods to conventional decontamination treatment that can ensure microbiological safety assurance, while maintining product quality and increasing product shelf-life.

Work to date show that implementation of this technology is flexible in terms of produce and production machinery, and hence can be adapted to our clients´ needs.

New and innovative aspects

The non-thermal nature of our technology allows for a better retention of the natural properties of fresh produce, as it does not damage important compounds that conventional decontamination treatments may destroy. This is a chemical-free technology, as it is based on physical processes. Products treated by this tecnology present increased food safety while at the same time retaining their nutrional value and organoleptical quality parameters. Additionally, an increase of the shelf-life associated to microbial inactivation can be achieved by using this technology.


The technology is non-thermal, which results in produce being treated at mild conditions compared to conventional technologies. The technology targets the cell membrane of pathogenic microorganisms while leaving important quality and nutritional compounds intact. 3-5 log microbial reductions have been achieved depending on the characteristics of the produce being treated. This is a dry and chemical-free decontamination technology, which makes it suitable for nutraceutical production.

Main advantages of its use

  • The shelf-life of the treated products is extended and the nutritional value retained.

  • The technology allows meeting with the consumer trends that demand moving away from conventional technologies.

  • The technology can be used for both liquid and solid foods.

  • The technology causes less damage to the produce while ensuring it is safe and of high quality.

  • This is a dry and chemical-free decontamination technology, therefore more environmetally friendly.

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About the vendor organization

IRIS Research & Development IRIS Research & Development

IRIS offers high quality, value for money engineering, research and development services suited to the needs and pace of industry and to develop novel technological solutions that innovate industry and contribute to sustainability and quality of life.

Our core expertise is coming directly from the Industry. As a private company we really know the meaning of value for money when it comes to applying the latest cutting edge technologies to meet real industrial challenges. Time to market, value generation and excellence in quality are our drivers to bring the best applied research and engineering approach to your business, therefore companies are approaching us when:

- Need to outsource an R&D or engineering project to a qualified team of professionals
- Interested in lowering production costs and increasing efficiency
- Interested in increasing throughput and maximising yields
- Interested in improving quality control and product safety
- Need to switch to more sustainable production processes
- Need to keep ahead of competitors and increase market share

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IRIS Research & Development

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