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Summary of the technology

Biodegradable, totally solvent free and green, can be made in any country with agricutural waste. reasonable fees. ROI in 12-18 months, product manufactured currently and sold into fast food and supermakets in Hong Kong. Although packaging is disposable, it is safe to microwave and also dishwasher safe. Customer in HK is baking cakes in the containers at 150 deg C. Imagine making packaging from agriculktural waste in every country in the world with agricultural waste. Reduced environmental and carbon footprint with affordable and food safe packaging.

We are looking for license partners around the world with a small once off license fee up front and a royalty on production (which is normal). Products made on compression molded machines - these we can supply from Asia. Cost includes commissioning and training. Offer commercialised technology currently manufactured in China.

Description of the technology

Technology offered under license to countries to manufacture replacement for fast food container packaging from waste. FDA approved, biodegradable, safe, durable and no solvents released into food during usage. Products commercially available in Hong Kong. Technology is unique, totally biodegradable, tested for toxicity and biodegradability by SGS.


Technology is unique, totally biodegradable, tested for toxicity and biodegradability by SGS. Currently sold and used. Canadian patent brought to China. Opaque replacement for plastic. (PP and polystyrene) and price competitive. Commercially available in Hong Kong. Local cellulosic agricultural waste will be compounded and an additive (supplied by the patent owner) will be provided at reasonable cost (low add rate) from Asia. Production is made on compression molded machines. More details available on request

Main advantages of its use

  • Low environmental footprint
  • Non-toxic
  • Zero wastage


  • Food packaging

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About the vendor organization


Innovasians’ business is a technology driven company applying the new and sustainable technologies in the development and manufacturing of eco lifestyle products including textile products and garments or those of its customers along responsible supply chain parameters, while at the same time creating an awareness of ‘renewable materials, organic chic and eco natural in textile and garment manufacturing. Innovasians developed scaleable options for clients using the multiple technologies and converting these to FINISHED PRODUCT using these technologies but ensuring the results are both economically and sustainably viable.

Innovasians was founded in 2007 by Lizette Smook. The idea/concept was conceived in 2004, to shift the paradigm of a 'take-make-waste' society and create an awareness of alternate materials and 'choices' to consumers that would support biodiversity. Lizette was still employed in corporate business at the time and nurtured the idea of materializing Innovasians (Innovate + Asians = Innovasians ). Lizette resigned from corporate business and physically founded Innovasians on June 1, 2007, in Hong Kong.

Innovasians today service many Blue Chip Clients - amongst others Orla Kiely, Sticky Fudge, Stoned Cherrie and Shangri La Hotel and Resorts World Wide (see detailed customers listed http://www.innovasians.com/customers.php).

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