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Summary of the technology

With the procedure described below, we optimize the maneuvers of the aircraft on the apron and also ensuring that passengers are boarding and disembarking easily and safely.

Facing a possible extension or need to incorporate into a mid-size airport a greater number of gates, it would not be necessary to carry out a large infrastructure attached to the existing terminal and it can develop its airport activity continuously since its operation would not be altered during the development of the necessary work to make this extension.

Description of the technology

With this new system and concept of facilities for the piers of aircrafts and passenger control rooms in airport terminals, the maneuver of aircrafts in parking platforms are optimized as well a better and safe flow in passenger and aircraft movements. In addition, the potential extension of parking and loading areas near existing terminals is achieved regardless of distance or annexation to existing buildings, without changing their existing external architectural appearance and design.


From the existing terminal, and without altering the distance where are the new boarding lounges, it would be accessed by an underground tunnel, with walkways or by mechanized transport for longer distances. The boarding lounges will have different means of rest, toilets and leisure. Checking of passengers by the airlines and access to the aircraft via walkways and finger on the surface. The system will consist of different passenger boarding lounges, corridors or underground tunnels for passenger traffic, aircraft piers areas and the handling services for passengers and aircraft on the surface. An underground corridor provides access to the boarding lounges where the passage is controlled through the bypass ramp zone that will access the autowalks, which connects outside with the rotary platform where the gateway is connected to the PBB for aircraft boarding The aircraft will be previously on the assigned piers by accessing them through the taxiways. Once it is ready for the departure, the aircraft will move on the same direction left on arrival without needing any additional tractor for the maneuvers, saving this time and cost of manual maneuverability

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For over 45 years of professional experience, I have been travelling because of work and tourism, visiting or using more than 30 airports in Spain and 25 in different countries, mainly in Europe.

The long stays and waits at the premises of the different airport terminals allow you to observe the various aspects of the aircraft operations and passenger traffic in its continuous flow through halls, corridors, waiting rooms and recreation areas. In one of my trips to Dublin in July 2008, and just doing my favorite pastime during this waiting time that I mentioned before, led to the realization of this project and its publication

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