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  • Biosimilars and Biogenerics

  • Diagnostic reagents

  • Research reagents

  • Therapeutic proteins

  • Vaccine immunogens (inc. VLPs, conjugates, etc)

  • Veterinary products

Description of the technology

Our inexpensive service allows you to rapidly evaluate the functions and quality of your desired recombinant protein, vaccine antigen, diagnostic reagent, therapeutic or rMAb protein expressed in hen eggs using a non GMO process.

New and innovative aspects

Each egg acts as a miniature bioreactor expressing your recombinant protein. We can express large numbers of protein variants or your other constructs rapidly and efficiently with our basic 3-step approach:

1. DESIGN the molecule, constructs, and expression strategy in order to maximise probability of a bioactive product that will meet your goals for structure, function, immunogenicity, enzymic activity, and ease of purification. Time: 2 weeks

2. Using the coding sequence (CDS) DNA for your desired product (or we can synthesize it for you), AdCEV™ DNA vector CONSTRUCTs are made. A full array of technologies ( foldons, tags, codon optimization, etc) can be incorporated in the construction of vectors to optimally express your molecule. Time: 4-6 weeks

3. We supply you with samples that can be examined by SDS PAGE, Western Blotting, RID, HI or any other assay as a first step in characterization. We can deliver material to you for testing.

Production of protein in eggs can be done with 2 eggs or 2000 eggs depending on your needs! Scale-up is simply a matter of using more eggs! Time:2-4 weeks

We offer genetic design services to improve your DNA, RNA or Protein molecular product. We rapidly design safe, effective bioproducts using our Computer Aided Gene Engineering (CAGE™) approach to create a new or improved biopharmaceutical product. We can support your vaccine or biologic product development all the way to full scale GMP manufacturing in eggs. We share the benefits of our international business and scientific experience through Consulting Services. Let us connect you to our network of knowledgeable individuals, and specialized companies, and help you enter the rapidly emerging arena of Global Health. Working with eggs offers easy scale-up, competitive yields, biosafety of your recombinant vaccine, biosimilar, diagnostic, rMAb etc. and potentially easy path to commercialization.


Our AdCEV™/ Egg production platform uses fertilized hen eggs as a biological substrate for recombinant protein production. Working with eggs offers easy scale-up, competitive yields, and easy deployment as a small, medium, or large-scale Poultry Pharm™ solutions.

Expressing your protein with AdCEV™ Vectors can provide an inexpensive way to produce milligram amounts of recombinant protein per egg in a production system that offers many attractive benefits including:

-- Rapid cloning and expression.
-- Potential for nilligrams of protein/egg.
-- Short production time- 72 h.
-- High fidelity eukaryotic post-translational processing.
-- Simplified purification from allantoic fluid.
-- Easy, rapid scale-up. with high level of biosafety for commercialization.

You can rely on decades of vaccine manufacturing experience with eggs.

Main advantages of its use

  • Rapid cloning and expression, Potential for nilligrams of protein/egg, Short production time- 72 h, High fidelity eukaryotic post-translational processing, Simplified purification from allantoic fluid, Easy, rapid scale-up. with high level of biosafety.

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About the vendor organization

AfriVax, Inc. AfriVax, Inc.

AfriVax, Inc. is a U.S.A. corporation that researches, develops, and manufactures biopharmaceutical and biological products. The company's mission is to develop safe, efficacious vaccine, diagnostic, and therapeutic products to aid in the fight against global threats to human and animal health. Our mission is to make life-saving biomedical products and services easier to develop and manufacture anywhere in the world.

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AfriVax, Inc.

Technology from AfriVax, Inc.

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