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Summary of the technology

Local tender coconut available in plenty which can be converted to processed food product (Value added).Natural tender coconut is be selected and deshelled properly, Collect the tender coconut water and process and pack either in tetra pack or sterile container or bulk aseptic container for export purpose.

Description of the technology

These tender coconut water can be processed, packed and provide stability to finished product thereby increasing the shelf life of tender coconut water. This technology enables the shelf life of tender coconut water considerable period of time. Hence this technology enables to market tender coconut water through out the Indian subcontinent throughout the year.


On final discussion- specification will be worked out at later stage. Tender coconut water extracted from tender coconut fruit by de shelling, collecting the tender coconut water and standardize then process and pasteurize before filling in retail or export pack. This products can be market where ever natural tender coconut is not available on regular and through the year.

Main advantages of its use

  • Main advantage - excess tender coconut water can be processed, packed and distributed in area away from sea shore through the year. Finished product for people who looks for health drink through out the year


  • For hospitals, Corporate clients, restaurants, retail chain, shopping mall and whoever is looking for natural, energetic health drink so take it.

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About the vendor organization

Saradiro E Services Private Limited Saradiro E Services Private Limited

Food Consultancy Services Provider, Provide technology know how for new products both for domestic and export oriented projects, Quality related services - HACCP,ISO 22000, GFSI standards compliance, Global Food Regulatory Services - Compliance with USFDA 21CFR 110, cGMP / FSMA for all Indian exporters, Provides Food Safety and Compliance Training in India.

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Saradiro E Services Private Limited

Technology from Saradiro E Services Private Limited

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