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Summary of the technology

The main benefit of the EBISilc technology is based on the versatility of the precursors used to synthesize polyfunctionnal clay particles. Current development have led to the preparation of amphiphilic clay particles used for the preparation of Water-in-Oil (W/O) emulsions with 1wt% of EBISilc particles, versus 4wt% of Bentone and 2-5 wt% of organic emulsifier. Further studies according to your industrial expectations could lead to :
- the access to customizable HLB levels,
- the preparation of stable Oil-in-Water (O/W) emulsions,
- the chemical functionalization with reactive groups,
- the synthesis of innovative tinted clay particles.

Description of the technology

EBInnov presents EBIsilc: an innovative process for synthesizing customizable clay particles (hydrophilic, lipophilic, amphiphilic or chemically functionalized…). Thus, a rigorous selection of precursors will allow you to prepare clay particles answering your industrial expectations. In addition, EBISilc is a patented process, easily implementable, robust (already tested on about twenty precursors) and using REACH registered substances.


EBIsilc is an innovative process for synthesizing customizable clay particles (hydrophilic, lipophilic, amphiphilic or chemically functionalized…) with a wide functionalization range, a sub-micron distribution and process enhancements for scale-up objectives. For more detailed informations, including technical specifications, physico-chemical caracterization and , please contact us.

Main advantages of its use

  • The EBISilc technology provides a robust, flexible and scalable process to prepare customizable clay particles with : - a sub-micron distribution - a wide functionalization range, - process enhancements for scale-up objectives.
  • The first tested application of this technology permitted to prepare stable W/O emulsions with 1 wt% of EBISilc clay particles (versus 4 wt% for Bentones and 2-5 wt% for organic emulsifiers). Moreover, the prepared emulsions have shown a stability higher than 3 months.


  • The first tested application of EBISilc particles consists in the formulation of stable Water-in-Oil (W/O) emulsions for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. However, this technology is also of interest for many other conceivable applications in the bio-industrial sectors.

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EBI is a private technical further education establishment managed by a non-profit association, the purpose of which is to offer further education courses in industrial biology, whether in the form of initial training or continued vocational training.
EBI is state-approved and authorised to teach scholarship students. It awards a Master's engineering degree recognised by the Engineering Qualifications Commission and also offers specialised 1-year postgraduate courses.
EBI's governing body is comprised of various industrial partners : AIR LIQUIDE, GALDERMA, DERMA Développement, EFFIK, Association FERT, L'Oréal ...
It is chaired by Xavier YON, former CEO of GALDERMA .
EBI is a member of the Saint Louis Polytechnic Institute (with 2,200 students, 500 postgraduates every year), grouping together complementary specialist colleges in Cergy to provide a multidisciplinary approach to engineering sciences as well as lateral humanities and vocational training.
EBI is a founding member of the Cergy-Pontoise Val d’Oise further education and research centre, along with Cergy's other prestigious colleges (ESSEC, ENSEA, EISTI, etc.) and Cergy-Pontoise University.

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