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  • Tech offer O-1078
  • Posted on: 03/02/2014
  • Deadline : 11/03/2015
  • Active users : 5626
  • Intellectual property status

    Patent applied but not granted.

  • Current development status

    Experimental technologies

  • Desired business relationship

    Patent licensing, Technology development


  • Ship, vessel prevention system

Description of the technology offer

The invention reported here is based on a basic reasoning. Apart from 'force majeure', if vessels make the correct manoeuvres at the correct time, the collision will not take place. On the contrary, if the Situation Reaction Limit (SRL) is passed, the collision will happen.

It can be concluded from this simple reasoning that, to avoid the collision, it is necessary to know the SLR, which is defined as that moment in time when, because of the distances between the vessels, the ruling environmental conditions, and capacity of the vessels to change course and speed, the collision cannot possibly be avoided.

The invention proposes a system that first alerts and reports to the Officer of the Watch that the vessel is approaching the SRL and, second, proposes the manoeuvre that must be made in order to avoid the collision.

Another notable aspect of this invention is that it is based on equipment already existing on board vessels. Therefore it can be implemented at relatively low cost and with the minimum transformation of the existing equipment.

New and innovative aspects

Currently substantial efforts are being made in the maritime navigation sector to stop or reduce collisions between ships. Such collisions are significant causes of the loss of human life, losses of vessels and their cargos, and damage to the natural environment of the sea and coastlines. These efforts are being directed towards various different aspects of the problem, in particular the human factor, maritime regulation, the technical evolution of ships and, most importantly...

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