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Description of the technology

A Hungarian SME has developed an ultra light-weight, foldable, electric scooter called MOVEO which can revolutionize urban traffic. It meets the increased needs for mobility and extends it even in crowded urban traffic. The client is looking for an investment to finish the R&D activities, to start production and/or finding suitable license partners.

New and innovative aspects

MOVEO is a light-weight foldable electric scooter, produced on the basis of a brand new concept. The monocoque body is made of a high-tech composite material, i.e. no traditional frame is required. This is an advantage in terms of reaching a very low weight and foldability. The max. speed the scooter is capable to operate with is 45 km/h, and its range with a single charge is approximately 35 km (with double battery pack 70 km). It has in-wheel-motors in both wheels (two-wheel drive). Its folding can easily be mastered. In its folded state the scooter is the size of a large suitcase and it can be pulled similarly. Its weight is less than 25 kg, without the saddlebag that can be used as a back-pack. It requires no parking space; in a folded state it can be stored anywhere and no dirt will be released from the tyres or the drum. It is unique, no such compact solution scooter is available on the market today.

All similar vehicles contain only some of the main features of MOVEO. In addition to the uniqueness, so far unseen innovative solutions -such as the monocoque body, the compact and dirt-free folding -, the product offers a wide range of positive features at the same time (light weight, comfortable sitting position, two-wheel drive, etc.). Its consumption is much lower than the recent state-of-the-art electric scooters: 2-2.5 kWh/100 km. The batteries can be charged from standard electric network as in the case of any household appliance. As such, it will be feasible in the near future, with a small investment, to ensure the operation of the scooter from renewable energy sources (solar, heat, wind energy) only: The MOVEO would therefore be autonomous, independent from the electricity network.

The design of MOVEO must be highlighted, in which functionality and the organic approach resulted in a unique and clean shape. We consider the unique appearance of the scooter essential to attract the buyers of such price category and meet the sophisticated expectations attached.


The ultra light-weight, foldable, electric scooter called MOVEO has the following features:

- carbon-composite monocoque body
- Li-ion batteries
- electronic in-wheel-motors in both wheels
- performance: 2x600 W (durable)
- speed: 45-50 km/h
- weight: under 25 kg (without the saddlebag)
- range: 35 km (70 km with a double battery pack)

Main advantages of its use

  • Chargeable from the mains (or from the car’s cigar-lighter).

  • Environment-friendly product (quiet and free from emissions) with the performance of a scooter, foldable to the size of a suitcase.

  • It requires no parking space (security).

  • Long battery life (depending on the model chosen)

  • Minimum energy needs (2-2.5 kWh/100 km)

  • Quick-charge option (parameters depend on the model chosen, but causes a decrease in the battery life-span).

  • Quickly foldable and unfoldable.

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Intellectual property status

There are valid HU, EU and PCT patents. National phases of PCT are going to be started in 2013.

The PCT examination regarding the technical solution of Moveo (self-supporting monocoque body and details of folding mechanism) is completed and it's IP protection has been approved under PCT No. WO 2012/110836 A1.

Current development status

Working prototypes

Desired business relationship

Technology selling, Patent licensing, Joint ventures

About the vendor organization

Laser Consult Ltd Laser Consult Ltd

Laser Consult Technical, Scientific and Economic Consulting Kft. (Ltd.) was established in 1992 with the objective of accompanying its clients from the innovational idea all the way to selling the intellectual product by providing complex innovational services.

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Laser Consult Ltd

Technology from Laser Consult Ltd

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